Copy fields from association

I have a model Report, and a model ReportComponent. ReportComponent
belongs to Report, and Report has_many components. Both tables have some
commons fields such as organization_id, manager_id etc, and of course
their own unique fields. There is no hard business reason for having
these duplicate fields, but they help with join queries and DB

The issue i have is that I would like for ReportComponent to
automatically pull organization_id from Report on creation, and store
that in its own field. Not the same as 'AR#delegate' as this would copy
write the field.

Best idea i have right now is to override the organization= method, but
that is not foolproof. Is there a native rails method for this?


Don't repeat the fields, that is not good. Can you explain why you
need them? There will almost certainly be a better way.


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