cookbook2 question (cookbook2_developement)

Hi Patrice,

I get this error : #42000Unknown database 'cookbook2_development'

I did all the steps from the tutorial though, and did remove the "_development" from the database.yml file.

Now, if I change my database name to cookbook2_development it works.

I looked also at all the file from the project and I never found the "_development".

Is there something I am missing here?

There are two components here: 1) the database and 2) database.yml.

Your database.yml file tells Rails, per mode (dev|test|prod), the name of the database to use. If Rails can't find the database you tell it to use (per the database.yml file) then it will give you the error you saw.

If I read your description correctly, the behavior above says that Rails *can* find a database named "cookbook2_development" but can *not* find a database named just "cookbook2". Do you see something different when you look at the database server?

hth, Bill