Converting table names to model names


I'm trying to get a list of all models in my app without looking at the /models folder on disk (long story).

I thought I'd just get the table names and convert them into class names: { |t| t.classify }

But there are a couple of exceptions, like schema_info and schema_migrations. So I thought I'd check to see if the resulting classifcation actually exists as a class, but I can only think of an ugly way to check:

eval t.classify rescue nil # throws an exception if the class does not exist

Is there any way I can avoid the ugly eval?

Thanks! Jeff

I remember vaguely that ActiveRecord keeps track of all the models derived from it. It had some protected method to get them all which you could access with the send method.

Have a look in the ActiveRecord sources to get more details.

Another way to do it is that there is a ruby method called const_defined? or something like that, you can google for it, and you can check to see if the class name is defined.



And then you probably want to avoid some (like

I use this in:    def self.posers      [CGI::Session::ActiveRecordStore::Session]    end

     for klass in ActiveRecord::Base.send(:subclasses)        next if posers.include?(klass)

Hope that helps.