Controller Inheritance Bug

So I have my admin controllers set up to inherit from an
AdminAreaController for the purpose of authentication. The setup is
much like Justin French describes at:

Everything works great from the browser, but I'm running into this bug
in my functional tests:

Expected response to be a <:success>, but was <302>

The test in question simply does:

get :index
assert_response :success

Like I said, it works fine in a browser (no redirect), and it works
fine if I change the inheritance of ArtistController to inherit from
ActiveController again instaed of AdminAreaController.

Also at the end of the tests I get this:

Unable to map class Admin::ArtistControllerTest to a file

Which is pretty cryptic as well, since that is the file that creates
the failure!

Something screwy is going on. I really don't want to give up my
controller inheritance, but if I can't get functional tests working I
may have to. Any ideas?

Just to let everyone know, this was a stupid mistake on my part. The
AdminAreaController authenticates the user, and I wasn't setting up
the session right.