Contract E-commerce Gig

I am working on a Rails based e-commerce site. I only have a couple
weeks to roll this out, and I need some help. We are looking for
someone ASAP. The company I work for is willing to hire a freelancer
for a minimum of 1 week.

This is a general post for the job.

In summary, what we really need is someone who has rolled out some web
applications with rails. We need someone who has a firm understanding
of ruby on rails, and who has a strong programming background.

Aside from RoR, technologies we are using include:

It will help if you know stuff about these technologies, but it is not
necessary. We just want a good experienced RoR developer for a week or

send a direct email to:

Portland, Oregon candidates would be preferred
- U.S. candidates only -

Also, with your response could you include your hourly rate and a
time-frame for when you could start.

One more thing, we are accepting off-site candidates. We don't care
where you work from as long as you are in the United States, you are no
stranger to using a chat application, and can be reached by phone.

Does Canada part of US in this context, or it's too on freezing North ?)

We Canucks even have same numbers like in US.
If you mis-dial and type 416 instead of 415 you gonna reach me in
Toronto, and not that guy in
Frisco =)

PS: I am just in giggly mode :slight_smile:

All the Best!

Mr. Interweb wrote:

Canadians are also welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Mr. Interweb wrote:

Canadians are also welcome to apply :slight_smile:

Canadians respect your honest offer! :slight_smile:

All the Best!