Continuous_builder question...PLEASE HELP!!!


I am trying to build a simple (at least that is what I thought after reading Rails Recipes # 46) continuous integration process into my subversion source repository.

I am working on windows by the way. I can get the post-commit hook to execute the rake command in the correct build directory when I do a commit from my working directory. But the problem is I am getting a:

"system cannot find path specified"

when executing the following in the build directory. This command gives the same error whether called manually in the build directory or automatically via the post-commit hook:

C:\ruby\bin\rake -t test_latest_revision NAME="myapp" RECIPIENTS="" SENDER=""

What's the problem here? It seems to check out the latest version into the build directory fine but won't run the unit tests. I think it is the "test_latest_version" argument above but I can't trace it. In the log directory inside my application directory which is inside the build directory, I can see that last_build.log gets created but all it says is "failed".

However, In the build directory I can simply run:


and all my unit tests are run being run without a problem.

Thanks for your help,