in continuation to my earlier mail,

if i entered the command

mysql -u root -p depot_development <db/create.sql

instead of

mysql depot_development <db/create.sql

then it works. can anyone please enlighten me on whats happening? mysql is configured with a blank password for root@localhost.

thank you,

See my post about using sudo - this is essentialy the same thing..

You are running the command as the root user on your machine.

No, sudo runs a command as the user 'root' on the operating system (assuming Unix-like)

The user named 'root' for MySQL is all-powerful, but only within the database, not the entire system.

I suspect that you're logged in as a user named 'ODBC' or perhaps there is an environment variable that mysql picks up as the user (try: env | grep -e ODBC ). Doing the initial creation of the database (i.e., depot_development) is often done as the "mysql -u root" user, but then you typically also create a user to be used for that database (doesn't have to be exclusive) and the tables within that database are created by the non-root user.


Rob Biedenharn

I created the databases and tables from root like this:

mysql -u root -p

Enter password: ******* Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.

create database depot_development; create database depot_test; create database depot_production; grant all on depot_development.* to 'dave'@'localhost'; grant all on depot_test.* to 'dave'@'localhost'; grant all on depot_production.* to 'prod'@'localhost' identified

by 'wibble';


and then editing database.yml to remove the username and password from the tables for development and test.

Do you mean that you *changed* the username to "dave" and removed the password?

You could then generate your depot_development tables with:

mysql -u dave depot_development < db/create.sql

(from memory so please forgive any typos)


Rob Biedenharn

its working but i kinda don remember wat exactly i was doing!! i was getting frustrated with the total lack of explanation in the book about the syntax. the authors assume you have expert-level knowledge in everything other than ROR.. and they take it for granted..