connecting to mysql on locomotive

Hi, I am having trouble connecting to mysql on a locomotive installation. Everything is working fine through my rails application (it is able to read the database via the database.yml configuration), but when I try to connect through mysql Administrator or some other GUI type tool, it says the following error.

Connection error. Could not connect to MySQL instance on localhost. Error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/ mysql.sock' (2) (code 2002).

I tried to find the .sock file but I am not sure where to find it in the locomotive installation so that I can map to it.

Thanks, Tim

I have no idea what 'locomotive' is but if the database.yml file has the correct connection information, why don't you look at what it says?? At least in all my MySQL-based Rails apps, that includes the socket path...


Locomotive is (was) a one-click installer for Osx that includes Ruby + MySQL + Rails + other fancy stuff. It is no longer maintained, and therefore should not be used anymore.

Have you tried connecting to your server by address and port instead of using the mysql.sock file? I am not sure if Locomotive was configured to allow connection via the socket.