connecting to multiple databases and assocations and typo


I am trying to integrate Typo with one of existing apps, and hence
users table of typo I want to use from my existing app's database.

So in typo:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  establish_connection :users
  # normal typo kung-fu

Then there is a line in controller code, that is creating problems:

     @articles = Article.find( :all,
        :offset => @pages.current.offset,
        :limit => @pages.items_per_page,
        :order => "contents.published_at DESC",
        :include => [:categories, :tags, :user, :blog], #problem line
        :conditions =>
           ['published = ? AND contents.published_at < ? AND blog_id = ?',

The above line generates Mysql::Error saying column is
not found, though I know very well that, the column is there.

So..if i remove the associations line (the line with :include), then
everything works perfectly. So i think, when i use Associations, its
not connecting to the other database for users table, it still
connects to the existing one and hence not able to find country column

Is it a bug in rails?
What are my options?

You’re trying to join across databases which won’t work. Remove the user include.


Yes...thanks for answering this question here also.