Any thoughts on why this in environment.rb will cause test:units to fail?

# Requires for application config (/config/config.yml) require 'ostruct' require 'yaml' config ="#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/ config.yml")) env_config = config.send(RAILS_ENV) config.common.update(env_config) unless env_config.nil? ::AppConfig =

It fails on:

env_config = config.send(RAILS_ENV)


/home/thomas/src/entropic/config/environment.rb:18:in `test': wrong number of arguments (ArgumentError)

--for the record, I snagged that bit of code off the web because I needed a nice way of getting "global" app config stuff in the app; having no experience with the "right" way of doing that in rails. For instance, with "AppConfig.app_version" referencing the corresponding config.yml section...

--the alternative, I know, is to snazz it up and make a config model, storing stuff in the db. so don't hesitate to leave 1995 alone and drop config.yml and do it in the db. :wink:

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Oh joy, right. Thanks!