config.gem problem with hpricot (and others?) on edge

I did a "rake rails:freeze:edge" today and started getting some errors
about hpricot_scan not being available.

"no such file to load -- hpricot_scan"

I had the hpricot gem "unpacked" in vendor/gems. I tried to uninstall/
reinstall the gem manually, but wasn't able to get things working
until I removed it from vendor/gems.

My guess would be that this gem wasn't working because it does the
whole "building native extensions" thing, and perhaps the recent
changes around vendor/gems causes an issue here? This only
speculation, of course, but I thought it worth bringing up.

Had anyone else experienced this problem? Is it something worth
documenting, if it hasn't been already?

- Trevor

After unpacking a gem that uses native extensions, you need to do
rake gems:build to actually compile them.


I see, thank you for the quick response. I'm not sure what could be
done to help other dummies like me that'll run into this hitch, but
it's good to know there's an easy solution.

- Trevor