config error

I just started developing a social network using the RailsSpace book.
The books instruction is to change the url to be http://localhost:3000
instead of http://localhost:3000/site. To do this, I changed the
config/routes.rb file's map.connect to be
map.connect '', :controller => "site"

and then deleted public/index.html

Finally I copied and pasted the books source code for

The syntax error is:
C:/folder/appname/config/routes.rb:42: syntax error, unexpected $end,
expecting kEND

This error occurred while loading the following files:

Would really appreciate any help to solving this (BTW, I am a complete
novice to RoR and programming, so I don't know if this is the
appropriate forum or there is a better one for beginners)

I figured out my dumb error - forgot to put "end" after the map.connect
statement. Sorry about posting this.

Bert Ameche wrote: