Concurrency in Ruby on Rails 4

How would you approach developing an app that requires expedient
transactions? Would the EventMachine gem did the trick in terms of
persistence and reliability?

What exactly do you mean by "expedient transactions" in the context
of a web application?

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1162850:

That's literally a meaningless question. You're really going to have to clarify your question before you can expect any answer.

- Latency of individual requests and total number of requests throughput are two different issues.

- Getting data out of a database, getting static assets from cache or disk, building responses to requests (whether HTML or JSON or whatever, sending the responses to the browser, and rendering the result in the browser, are all separate issues.

So: lots of clients? busy clients? large requests? large database backing the site? large or complex assets? complex processing of requests? complex browser rendering?

Scott Ribe wrote in post #1162964: