Company Account with Multiple Users

I'm not familiar with Ruby/RoR at the moment but i'm curious if it's possible to setup a login/auth system essentially out of box with RoR for access of multiple logins to a single account. Such as 1 company account that the company/group registers. They have their own page with their info/crud for whatever kind of posting that is going to go on. That primary account owner of the company account can then add users into that specific account so they're essentially the same account with multiple logins.

If this is something fairly simple are there any tutorials/example material of such a setup?

i think you can check the book

agile web development with rails

Rails is a framework that you can use to build things that would do what you're after. It's not an "out of the box" solution, really. For something like this, you probably want what's called a "CMS" (Content Management System). I hear Radiant (http:// is pretty good.

To the best of my knowledge there's no way to "out of the box" set up an authentication system. Plenty of plug-ins exist, but you'd still need to create the ActiveRecord models for all the "posts" or "pages", and the controllers for CRUD on said model(s), and then tell the controllers to authenticate a user before certain actions (like add, edit or delete).