Companies using Ruby

After developing a large commercial website in Ruby my client is
getting cold feet. They don't want to be the first big, commercial
website out there using a RoR site.
The company is an online sports betting company that will take several
hundred thousand bets a day.
Their concerns are mostly about performance.

Does anyone have any links to case studies or articles about large
successful Ruby installs - or are they indeed going to be the first!

I'm not aware of any large companies which have explored RoR, the only
project which I'm aware of is the Radiant CMS

Sorry I can't be more help than that


Um, is running Rails.

So are all of these:

And there’s some here too:

Oh and I should mention as well. is a major organization with a robust product
line all built on rails.

Thanks guys,
Agile - are you involved in this site? It would be nice to know
traffic numbers. is interesting - I assume this is heavily used?

My clients are replacing an existing website and they have several
hundred thousand users (they are one of the biggest sports gambling
companies in Europe). If I can convince them to go with this one they
have 6 subsidiaries around the world who will also take the framework.
One of which is in asia and takes 1million bets a day!

In the earlier days of Twitter, I remember a number of up to 11,000 hits per second. Twitter became even more popular afterwards and they did have to overcome some scaling issues (which led to a few blog rants from the Twitter devs and DHH).

Rails is perfectly scalable, but expect the scaling to be less of a breeze than Rails programming itself. That said, there are so many performance improving measures you can take at each level of the application, Rails will scale. And the money you save by Rails’ extra productivity (i.e. less development time) can be spent on better hardware and network optimization and infrastructure.

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Peter De Berdt (a CNET property) is on Rails, which serves hundreds of
thousands of hits a day.

Penny Arcade is also on Rails, which while I don't have accurate
traffic stats, I'm sure it's nuts.

eBay has a property running on Rails now. Yahoo! has a property
running on Rails. LinkedIn is doing something with Rails now.

Others have mentioned the others I could think of. :slight_smile:

--Jeremy is on Rails. We just launched recently and are having healthy growth. I look forward to
the point when we have to scale up as it will be an interesting challenge.

-- Long - store, play, share

A few from the giants

Thanks guys - this is great stuff!
Now we just have to wonder why our performance isn't as good as these
examples indicate it should be!