Combustible FeedBurner Plugin

Hi all

I've been working on a Rails plugin to elegantly wrap the rather nasty process of integrating your Rails app with the FeedBurner Management API.

To save the community from going through the same trouble, i decided to extract my work on the subject into a plugin and polish it up a bit.

The plugin uses HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL, which FeedBurner vouches if secure. All API methods in their Management API are wrapped and include the following:

   * Get Feed    * Find Feeds    * Add Feed    * Remove Feed    * Modify Feed    * Resync Feed

I have plans to extend the plugin to include their Awareness API soon, which will allow you to programatically retrieve your rss-feed subscriber count etc.


spark = :user => 'username', :password => 'password'

spark.find_all #=> [ { :id => 412, :uri => 'my_feed', :title => 'my feed' }, { ... } ] my_feed = spark.get( :id => 412 ) my_feed #=> { :id => 412,    :uri => 'my_feed',    :title => 'my feed',    :source => '’,    ... }