Coffee Script Sucks

Yea, that’s all I wanted to say.


agree, no explanation needed.

I think oposite

in js true == “true” // this return true

in coffee true == “true” # return false

in js we need true === “true” // only this return false

I think if coffee is bad, javascript is worst.

not unlike swimming out of a black hole. good exercise but you’re unlikely to cross the boundary to normal.

I was very resistant to it at first, as well. As it turns out, it was really for no good reason at all. After diving in and forcing myself to use it on a project, comparing that project’s CS to an older project’s JS sold me on using it forever. It’s simply easier to read, more concise, and thus, easier to maintain. But to each his own!

I do have to say, though, that the significant whitespace bothered me when I first started using CoffeeScript, but I’ve grown to like it. If every language had significant whitespace, we may have had working SSL on our Apple devices for the past couple of years :slight_smile:

Coffee is good
We can do this in cofee

boxPerson = ’

any thing

Coffe support breakline… we can do identation.

We can make beautifull views with coffee. In javascript its impossible.

Its my point