Coderr - Premium Ruby and Python Assets Marketplace.

Check out, my newest startup. We are changing the ruby and
python industries. please share and subscribe. i would love to hear
some feedback about the coming soon page and the idea :slight_smile: thanks,

Firstly for feedback you have to tell us what we are singing up for,
other than SPAM!


+1 for that. I love Eric Ries, but the MVP without a product thing is getting really out of hand, to a point where it becomes meaningless.

Coderr - Premium Ruby and Python Assets Marketplace.
Buy and Sell Ruby and Python scripts, tutorials and plugins - the
only code marketplace for python and ruby assets on the web.

Good job you're not based in the UK, otherwise there may be a query by
the ASA about your advertising... are you sure you're the *only* place
for Python and Ruby assets on the *whole* internet?

yes... i think so... i'm wrong?

Actually I believe you are the only one, I checked our database and havenโ€™t found anything related (there are marketplaces for pretty much everything else).

It is hard to tell though these days, there are thousands of apps launched each month.

In any case go for it, but make it compelling.


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