ClockingIT v0.99.2 released

It's been a while since I last announced something about ClockingIT to this list,
due to limited bandwidth. But, now that I've gotten proper hosting with a great
connection, there's no reason not to.

ClockingIT - is a free and open-source (MIT/X11) project
management application, with a focus on large amounts of tasks and tracking
of time and history.

I provide an installation with unlimited free hosting (no hidden fees or
ads) and it's possible to install on your own server if you'd rather do that.

Notable changes since last version:
- New ISP with proper hosting
- Task Dependencies
- Recurring Tasks
- File drag and drop & Folders
- iCalendar feeds
- Email Reminders
- Integrated server/company/project-wide forums
- More auto-complete
- Task grouping / sorting
- User avatars

Source is available via both a .tgz archive and a Darcs repository (although I'm
probably switching to Git in the coming weeks due to problems with Darcs) at

-- Erlend Simonsen