Click in a radiobutton, enable button on solicit.html.erb and save on db

I really dont know how begin, I have a form in my view (solicit.html.erb) where do iterate in each elements, each element have a radio button, input field and a button for create. When click on button, generate a new portability with date save this. this is my code

<% if params[:search_func_register].present? %>


<%= form_tag(@portability, name: 'form', method: :get) do %> <% @authorizations.each do |authorization| %> <% end %>
  Nº contract New parcel Action
<%= radio_button_tag 'authorization', authorization.number_contract %> <%= authorization.number_contract %> <%= link_to "Request", new_portability_path %>
<% end %> <% end %>

I just create a new portability with this values on form… (id, new_parcel)

Contract_number is readonly for show what is the authorization that is doing this portability.

My portabilities_controller is:

def index if params[:search_func_register] @employee = Employee.where(register: params[:search_func_register]).includes(:authorizations) else @portabilities = Portability.all end end def solicit if params[:search_func_register] @employee = Employee.where(register: params[:search_func_register]).includes(:authorizations) @authorizations = Authorization.where(employee_id: @employee) @portability = else @authorizations = Authorization.all end end

But all this return this error when click on button Request:

undefined method `model_name’ for nil:NilClass

I guess that create a other page for new portability is the solution. My route is:

resources :portabilities, except: :destroy do collection do get ‘solicit’ end end

Any idea about this, some tips? See ya!!

It is always a good idea to copy/paste the complete error message for us to see, and in particular tell us which line of code it refers to. I will try to guess, however. The error means that something is nil that should not be. Is the error on the form_tag line? If so it probably means that @portability is nil.