Clean URL from two text fields

That's pretty rough.
Probably what I would do is in routes:

map.namelink '/people/names/:first_name/:last_name

then in your controller you could do

User.find_by_full_name(params[:first_name], params[:last_name])

And set up that method in your users model.
Hope this helps!

Justin Ko wrote:

That was what I was thinking originally. It would still be OK, but you'll have to split the name in your controller i.e.

then in PeopleController.rb I would do

before_filter :split_name, :only => ['edit', 'view', etc...]


def split_name
  @first_name, @last_name = params[:name].split("_")

Something like that should work. Then just use your first and last names to User.find

Justin Ko wrote: