Classy Inheritance 0.6.0


Classy Inheritance simplifies the definition and implementation of one object depending on another object. For example, a User object depending on a Person object. If you do the following:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

depends_on :person, :attrs => [:first_name, :last_name, :email]


You will get @user.first_name, @user.last_name and functionality. So, direct usage of these attributes can be used on your form and the Person associated is created/maintained for you. e.g.:

<% text_field :user, :first_name %>

Classy Inheritance also supports polymorphic associations, more info on the wiki.

In this release:

Thanks to Brian Johnson’s contributions, there is a new option: postfix and added functionality for prefix. Instead of just allowing :prefix => true, you can now pass in a string to set the prefix. This applies to the postfix option as well. Brian also contributed a patch to the class_name option.

There is a wiki, forum and issue tracking for Classy Inheritance at

thanks, andy