Class works on Ruby, does not work on Rails controller.

Dear All,

I have written a ruby class which uses the flickr webservice. When I
wrote a "command line" sript using that class the I get a proper
response (through res_message). But when I use the class in a
controller I get nil as the response

any help will be highly appreciated.



This may not directly answer your question, but take a look at the
following link on NetBeans site. Amongst other links, it has one that
demonstrates how to integrate flickr in Ruby on Rails. Most of it
should apply to what you are trying to do.


I have tested the same (my) code with Webrick it works fine. With
apache I am not getting the result as expected. It seems like the
function does not wait until the result is recieved, moving to next
line and execute it.

For the same Webrick gives a result to res_message. Apache just return
nil. please note that I am using a web service engine using c called
through WSMyClient.

Does anybody have a clue?

      @client =[:to => "
      res_message = @client.request(payload)