Clarification on PayPal gateways!!!

Hi All,

I need suggestions and helps from PayPal (PP) users and developers to
clarify about PP gateways. We need to implement PP payment gateway for
money transactions between two users in our site.

We need to accept payments in two ways;

  1. From PP a/c. to PP a/c

  2. From Credit card to PP account.

I have explored the PP gateways and found that Adaptive Payments
provides a solution for my first scenario in the name of “Simple
Payment” API. So that user can send payment to other users, but as you
all know that Adaptive payment doesn’t support Credit card payment

Also, I have looked for Express checkout API, It describes that user
can send money to owner’s (site administrator) business a/c but we need
to make transactions between two users.

For Credit Card payment transactions we can use the Direct Payment API which comes with Express Checkout in Website Payment pro.

Questions and issues are,

  1. I cannot use Adaptive payments as in its not supporting Credit Card payments?

  2. Is Express Checkout supports payment option like “simple payment” which is offered by Adaptive payments?

  3. Does Direct Payment API supports flow like “simple Payment” for sending money PP a/c users from Credit Card users?

Please suggest me better way to implement the PP transactions between PP a/c to a/c and credit card to PP a/c.

Thanks in advance,

Sathish Kumar Sadhasivam,
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Skype : ssathishkumar22
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