Chess game

I am making a website with one view while creating a chess game in ruby. I'd rather not use Rails... some info on easier ways to accomplish this would be great. But anyway, where do I put the game's .rb files etc?

Is there a reason why you don't wanna use rails?

Fredrik Stagling wrote:

Gavin wrote:

Is there a reason why you don't wanna use rails?

On Apr 16, 12:21�pm, Fredrik Stagling <rails-mailing-l...@andreas-

Because I don't need anything other than being able to embed ruby in html.

That may be a good reason not to use Rails -- you could probably get away with a Ruby CGI script or a lighter framework such as Merb or Camping. If you're using a lot of JavaScript, SproutCore may also be worth a look.

Plus I haven't used Rails before

That is *not* a good reason not to use Rails. :slight_smile:

and I'm not very familiar with web development at all.

Then I suggest you read up on the basics of Web development regardless of what frameworks or libraries you end up using. Like it or not, you're *doing* Web development now, so you need to understand how things work.