checkbox connundrum

Mike Dershowitz wrote:

I have a bit of a checkbox connundrum I
need some help with.

I can see a couple of things that are going to be problems. But I can't tell from your description exactly what problem you're having right now. What is your code doing / not doing that you need help with?

I have a page that displays a list of tasks. These
tasks have a bunch of information on them.

   <%= form_remote_tag :url => { :action => 'OTcomplete' },

: :html => {:id => 'OTcomplete' } %>

     <%= check_box_tag ("OTcomplete", nil, checked = false,
options = { } ) %>
     <div id="OTcomplete"><span class="label">Completed?</span></div>
   <%= end_form_tag %>

You've given both the form and the div within it the same id. That's bad. Each DOM element needs to have a unique id. Ajax depends on it to find the element to update. If I understand what you've said, you're generating a form element for each item. If that's right, then the problem is compounding .

First step is to take the rendered page source and validate it at . If the xhtml doesn't validate without errors (warnings are ok), then you're going to have problems.

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