check box issue

Code: html
<%= check_box "other_facility", "others" %> Other Facilities
      <%= observe_field(:other_facility_others,
                        :update => :other_facility,
                        :url => { :action => :others}) %>
I have used this code... i'm getting the action correctly but still i'm
having one issue....

if i click tat check box again , tat action has to hide.... i don know
how to fix this....

and also having some check boxes, if i click this box it ll work using
ajax and i save this other field into my database and i show all check
box fields in my view...

here the issue is if i click some check boxes and also click the other
box, the old check box values are refreshed, i don know how to get the
checked value of the
check boxes...

can u plz help me?

Use a session or url encode on the observer

Learn rails:

can u plz tel me in detail..... thank u....


Nope. Perhaps someone else will.

Learn rails: