Change the default route from / to /docuseal/

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if it’s the good section but my problem is the following one :

In my VM, I have a django server running with gunicorn and nginx and I would like to add a docuseal entity on the website (docuseal is also running with nginx). In fact, I figure out how to make my nginx configuration. So I can access docuseal by the url mydomaine/docuseal/, all the other are manage by django.

However, all the route in my docuseal app start with ‘/’, but as I say, it’s django part. So I would like to “shift” all the docuseal routes from “/…” to “/docuseal/…”. I tried to make change in config/routes.rb but I didn’t succeed.

Can somebody help me please.

Thanks you !

You can use the relative URL root configuration setting:

In your config/application.rb add:

  config.relative_url_root = "/docuseal"