Change default index page

  Not sure if anyone can help me here. I have a page which I want to
make it the index page.

  The page is

  Yes, you can probably tell it's a Adobe Flex component - myindex.mxml.
I'm combining Flex and RubyOnRails.

  My question is: Is there a way to make that the default page to
display when people browse to

  Apreciate if anyone could help.


Not sure that the previous solution will work.

If the page is dynamic then, point root to the right controller and
  map.root :controller => 'yourcontroller', :action => 'youraction'

If it's static then you'll better think twice if you need it, and if
you realy need then try one of the following things:
1. Symlink it to the /index.html
2. Try Apache DirectoryIndex, or nginx index directives, although I'm
not sure that they allow setting the default page in another
3. Use URL rewriting on the webserver level