Cerberus 0.3.2 released. Now with Perforce and BJam support.

Hello, Rubyists.

New version of lightweight and powerful Build Integration tool for Ruby
has been released. Cerberus 0.3.2 in da game.

Continuous Integration idiom is very important for Agile development
and many of Rails developers prefer to develop in Agile style. So Ruby
developers were waiting for a good CI tool. That is why from the early
days Cerberus became very popular. Statistic shows that Cerberus used
in more than 1500 projects all over the world now. Very impressive I
would say.

But Cerberus development does not stay on the place - Cerberus tries to
be useful and bring value to its users. That is why the next 0.3.2
release appeared.

Except fixing several bugs that were spotted by users, the 0.3.2
release brings 2 new and useful features.
1) BJam builder support
2) Perforce SCM support

1. BJam building tool support.

My recent project http://www.abonja.nl/ is new cool Dutch video sharing
service. I got a lot of enjoyment working on such kind of application
because nobody has done such a thing in RoR before.

During development we needed to extend Cerberus. Because except Rails
part Abonja project includes desktop client written in C++ and compiled
to numerous platforms. And we use BJam for building the desktop
application. Previously this part of the project has home-made CI
script written in Python. But this script became very complex and
unmaintainable. My colleagues (yes, yes its you Dirk and Arjen!) asked
me to add BJam support.

Well, it is not a Ruby world, but thankfully Cerberus has easily
managed this situation. Adding new builder was super easy.

It taken 45 minutes and 28 lines of code. Yeah, It was do really easy!

If you want to add your own builder - just add a ticket to rubyforge
issue tracker
and show me how to run builder and process test results.

2. Another story related to Perforce SCM. http://www.perforce.com/
Not all of us use Subversion. Some people use other SCM in their

Several people ask me to add Perforce support. And I would like to
announce that it was done. With new 0.3.2 release you are able to use
Cerberus in couple with Perforce. What you need is to add some
configuration options. Here is an example:

type: perforce
view: //depot/someproject/somemodule/...

That's all.

And again the same story as with BJam. Thankfully to the dynamic and
very expressive nature of Ruby language adding new module to Cerberus
was super easy.

Several hours (mostly reading through Perforce docs) + 83 lines of code
(with comments) and now we could use P4 with Cerberus.

If like to see your favourite SCM please add issue to Project tracker

That is all for this release. Stay on the line. Wait for a new release.
Cerberus development does not finish.

I hope that you find Cerberus useful. You could download or find
additional info about Cerberus on official project site