Catching data in model

Hello everybody,
I am new to ruby on rails so please don't laugh on my silly doubts.

Problem :

I am creating check boxes in rhtml file. All the items which are being
checked, i am able to catch it in the controller class. but i am not
being able to catch values from controller to model.

supplier.rhtml file
<%= check_box('hotel_', '', {}, hotel.group_name+"^", '')

contoller class

def supplier
@temp = @params['hotel_']

I want to catch @temp in the concern model can do that...

thanks a lot in advance

You need to instantiate a new class object. Your not referencing your
class at all, so none of your model methods are available to you
unless your using an object of that class. So instead try something
like:(NB not tested code)

In your controller:
def supplier
@temp =[:hotel_])

Then within that suppler method you'll be able to use methods written
in the Hotel class to manipulate that data, for instance if you have a
method called say write_to_screen in your Hotel class

class Hotel<ActiveRecord::Base

def self.write_to_screen
   puts self.group_name


then you could go
and that would execute the method on that @temp instance variable,
because @temp is an instance of the object Hotel, and Hotel is an
instance of the object Class.

Does that help? It's Object Orientation 101, so it might be worth
having a good read up on OOP, it's help to get your head around that