catch a stacked variable by a controller

hi im new ruby on rails development currently im working with a
reservation system to start learning but im currently having a problem
with controllers and view

first i listed all the menu that the guest added inside the package that
he also added i listed them with this


    <h1>menu you added</h1>
    <% @reservation_package.package_line_items.each do |menu|%>
    <p><%= link_to,
    <p><%= link_to "delete item"
:method => :delete%></p>

then i try to route to the next static page with this ` <p><%=

and the it produce this URL

im just wondering if how can i catch the menu that he opened i mean how
to catch this

in my menu semi static page controller where this route to,i tried this

    @reservation_package =
    @menu = Menu.find(params[:id])

but didn't work at all im just wondering if im doing it right or if im
wrong can you give me a advice how to implement this kind of module?
thanks more power


    resources :services

       resources :reservations do

         resources :pages do
            collection do
              get :functionroomlist
              get :packagelist
              get :package
            # get :menu
            resources :reservation_packages do
              resources :reservation_package_pages do
                collection do
                   get :menulist
                   get :menu
            resources :package_line_items
         resources :reservation_function_rooms