Capistrano & update_current problem

I'm just getting going with Capistrano and using Tom Morini's shortcut
book at O'Reilly. I recommend both Capistrano and the book.

Everything seems to be working fine except for update_current. I can
succesfully deploy but not do a simple update_current.

Here is the error message it generates:

cap update_current
  * executing task update_current
  * querying latest revision...
  * executing "cd /home/steveodom/quizical/current && svn up -q &&\n
        (test -e /home/steveodom/quizical/revisions.log || (touch
/home/steveodom/quizical/revisions.log && chmod 666
/home/steveodom/quizical/revisions.log)) && echo `date +\"%Y-%m-%d
%H:%M:%S\"` $USER 43 >> /home/steveodom/quizical/revisions.log;"
    servers: [""]
Password: ********

    [] executing
** [out ::] svn:
Expected 'log' to be a directory but found a file
    command finished

Never mind. It's something wrong with my repository. I ran the commands
above separatly and when it gets to the svn up command, it breaks. So
there's something wrong in my repository.