Capistrano: Providing Options for SVN


Is there a way to provide options to the SVN call, for example the
"--no-auth-cache" option when checking out?



Yes, but not easily.

We wrote a wrapper that uses Capistrano's CLI interface (and the
straight libraries) and so we overrode many of the svn tasks.

For instance, here's one you'll have to change:

module Capistrano
module SCM

   class Subversion < Base

       def svn_log(path)
         `svn log -q --limit 1 #{path} --username #{svn_username}
--password #{svn_password} --no-auth-cache`

p.s. this adds needed username and password, now that you're not
auth-caching --

hmmm, I should just submit a patch that lets you specify options to
svn, shouldn't I?

Just curious, why do you need this?

cheers, hope that helps,


I have two models, the Person and the Role/s (of this Person) with a m:n relation.
The Role model uses STI (CustomerRole, EmployeeRole > ManagerRole) with different sub-model methods. But instead of having these methods in the Roles I'd like to have these methods automatically added to the Person instance as singleton methods.

Does anybody know howto do this?