I was following these instructions for capistrano deployment:

Under the section "Application Layer Initialization", it says:

"We need to tell Capistrano how to “spin up” (start) our application
layer. The precise way this works will vary depending on how you’re
running your application layer. If you’re using mod_rails, for
instance, it will be very different than if you’re using mongrel.
Here, I’ll assume you’re using mongrel. By default, when Capistrano
needs to start your application layer, it will try to execute a script
called “spin”, in the “script” directory of your application, on each
remote server. We’ll need to write that script, and then check it into
the source repository."

Well I'm using mod_rails/passenger. Do I need to be writing any
scripts as it suggests when using mod_rails?

No. When you run capify . a default config/deploy.rb file is created. At the bottom of that file is a section of code with the comment “If you are using Passenger mod_rails uncomment this:”.

remove the comment sign (#) at the beginning of the lines below that starting with namespace and ending with end. That’s all you need to do.