Capistrano getaddrinfo error?

I'm having troubles setting up Capistrano on Dreamhost ... here's the
EXACT steps I took, almost following the guide from

On server:

cd svn/
svnadmin create ~/svn/


~/rails megl$ ls
blog portfolio tags
~/rails megl$ svn import
svn+ssh:// -m "import"

and then svn adds all the files in

~/rails megl$ svn co
svn: Failed to add directory '': object of the
same name already exists

~/rails megl$ mv rails.bechbox.dk_presvn
~/rails megl$ svn co

~/rails/ megl$ cap -A .
      exists config
      create config/deploy.rb
      exists lib/tasks
      create lib/tasks/capistrano.rake
Loaded suite /usr/local/bin/cap

Finished in 0.000458 seconds.

0 tests, 0 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors

And then I change the deploy.rb to the one from and
make the necessary changes in there

So far so good! But now it goes haywire:

~/rails/ megl$ rake remote:exec ACTION=setup
(in /Users/megl/rails/
    loading configuration
    loading configuration ./config/deploy.rb
  * executing task setup
  * executing "mkdir -p -m 775 /home/megl/
/home/megl/ &&\n mkdir -p -m 777
/home/megl/ &&\n mkdir -p -m 777
    servers: [""]
rake aborted!
getaddrinfo: No address associated with nodename

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

I've done the exact same thing with another project on the same server
a while ago, and that went fine. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong

Thanks in advance!!


Interesting, seems like a simple problem resolving the domain

I just did a dig lookup on your name and can't find it: IN A

but I can see: 3600 IN A

can you check your dns, or use the www server instead?

Yeah - maybe I'm just being too impatient :wink: I'll wait a few hours
and try again.


Wait a minute ... what if I did create the sub domain AFTER checking
out the repository ... does that have anything to say?

yeah but in your svn statements, you were using the domain too.

your dns is at 3600 second updates, it should propogate by now....