capistrano error: not allowed to execute '/usr/bin/nohup script/spin'

I get the error that my assigned user isn't allowed to execute script/ spin. I checked in my current/ directory and there is no script/spin file.

i hate to say it, but if you read the manual you'll stumble over the following lines:

[quote] By default, when Capistrano needs to start your application layer, it will try to execute a script called “spin”, in the “script” directory of your application, on each remote server. We’ll need to write that script, and then check it into the source repository. [/quote]

read this:

The page you mentioned looks very much updated now. A while ago the ‘spin’ script was not well documented here.

If you use subversion, don’t forget to add the svn:executable property to the spin script. (Why not do that with all the files in the script directory?)

Oh, so I have to create the spin script myself?

duh. *g*