capistrano db:load:schema <= acting funny

two servers, one for WEB, one for DB.

cap deploy:cold runs without errors, and clones the repository onto
both servers.

then through capistrano task in deploy.rb to load schema to the db
using cap deploy:load_schema.

runs fine, however the schema file it uses looks like its from an old
release or something and doesn't load all the tables, Upon giong into
the current release folder on both the servers the schema.rb file is
correct on the the web server, however the older looking one appears
on the db server. The thing that i done understand is that when i run
cap deploy:cold it clones the repository onto each server from the
same place so how can the the schema.rb file be different on each
server, Also all other files are correct. Any advice would be helpful.
Thank you.


problem solved thanks your all the input :wink: