Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (111) (Mysql2::Error)

Hello Guys,

I am a newbe on Ruby on Rails. I love Redmine so I have just installed Redmine on BlueHost, Everything is ok except when starting with browser it shows "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (111) (Mysql2::Error)".

I have spent for many hours on forums however I am not lucky. Please share to me if you experienced I appreciate all of you.

Thank you,


It is generally best to look in log/development.log for errors, or alternatively in the server window. That way you can copy/paste the relevant section here. It is then much easier for us to look at the log and work out what is going wrong.

First though, what happens if you run rake db:migrate


Thanks Colin,

Currently, when I run "# rake db:migrate", nothing happen. It is done normal.

I will be pasting more information for the issue as below:

1. I followed the bluehost's document at: 2. # rails generate controller First list    identical app/controllers/first_controller.rb        route get 'first/list'       invoke erb        exist app/views/first    identical app/views/first/list.html.erb       invoke test_unit    identical test/controllers/first_controller_test.rb       invoke helper    identical app/helpers/first_helper.rb       invoke test_unit       invoke assets       invoke js    identical app/assets/javascripts/first.js       invoke css    identical app/assets/stylesheets/first.css 3. I also attached development.log and production.log



I meant to copy/paste the section of the log showing the error, not just attach the whole log. By doing that you are asking me to download it and pour over it looking for the error.

In this case the server window output is probably better. Start the server then attempt to open the page from the browser. You should see the error in the server window. Then copy/paste the complete output from the server window, from starting the server to the error.

Also which versions of ruby (ruby -v) and rails (rails -v) are you using, and on which operating system.