Can't configure cach_store in an initializer

I'm trying to use redis-store as my cache_store. I also have an
app_confirg.rb initalizer which loads a yaml file for config settings.
In my redis.rb initializer I have:

MyApp::Application.config.cache_store = :redis_store,

However, this doesn't appear to work. If I do Rails.cache in my rails
console I can clearly see it's using the ActiveSupport.Cache.FileStore
as the cache store instead of redis. However, if I add the config in
my application.rb file it works just fine, except the app config
initializer is loaded after application.rb, so I don't have access to

Has anyone experienced this? I can't seem to set a cache store in an

I think what you are looking for is described in the Cache-store section of the README document. It discusses how to configure it for multiple versions of Rails.


Thanks, but I think I found the solution and wrote it up on

Problem is that Rails initializes the cache_store before it loads the
initlaizers in the initializers directory. I just found a way to load
it in application.rb instead.