Cannot install Rails

I am using Windows 7 with DELL Vostro Laptop and I cannot install Rails with Ruby Prompt with the command:

$gem install rails

Command prompt is blinking with no response

I cannot install Rails. Please help.


Rohan Sarker /

Sometimes it takes quite a while for this to start going. How long do you
wait for it? I've seen it take over 2 minutes to actually start doing
something. (I'm guessing it is network issues.)


I started developing Rails with Windows 7 & RubyMine. After about two months, I switched to Linux Mint 16 and never looked back. Learning a new operating systems + Rails/Ruby at the same time can be a lot to take in, but it was worth it. The vast repository information available on the Internet makes jumping to Linux much easier too.

If you’re game, try building a VM or even a dual boot machine running Linux to develop Rails apps. I doubt you’ll regret it.


Cody Skidmore