Can you (and should you) stop a specific stream in ActionCable?

I’m really enjoying taking ActionCable for a spin! I’ve figured out how to push application events to clients with stream_from, and I see that you can stop_all_streams to stop pushing those events. But, is there away to close just one stream_from? (And if so, is it a good idea to do so?)

I ask because I’m trying to use ActionCable as a multiplexing transport for GraphQL. I’d like to keep one channel open, but allow clients to subscribe to certain events, and when they’re triggered, send them new GraphQL results. Then, when the client isn’t interested, I’d like to let them unsubscribe (but keep the GraphQL channel open).

You can see my progress (including monkey patches to implement this feature, since I couldn’t find it) on GitHub:

I asked this question on SO a few days ago too:

If this isn’t possible, is it a good candidate for adding to ActionCable? If so, I’ll try to work up a patch. Thanks!