Can we create Kisok apps using ROR

Hi , need help from all of you guys on a question that Can we develop a Kisok App using ROR. If yes can you provide me the details or link so that i will go through.


Showing my ignorance here, and google has not helped. What is a Kisok App?


Kiosk mode is a feature of some UAs, just try to hit F11, works in FF and Chrome at least. Exiting is via F11 also.

But I don’t see how it would be different to do this with rails instead of php or plain HTML. it’s a feature of the client, not the server.

Ah, kiosk, not kisok as the OP wrote. I assumed it was not a typo as he had written it both in title and in text. You are probably right though.


As Norbert suggests this is a User Agent (browser) feature. Have a look at these configurations for linux/chrome and linux/firefox. Customize Ubuntu for a library Internet kiosk - Ask Ubuntu