Can I conditionaly initializer ?

Hello, I’m trying to add to spree functionlity

gateway of china, I check out the documentation and

follow the spree_gateway, in engine.rb

initializer “spree.gateway.payment_methods”, :after => “spree.register.payment_methods” do |app|

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::AuthorizeNetCim

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::AuthorizeNet

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Eway

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Linkpoint

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::PayPal

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::SagePay

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Beanstream

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Braintree

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Stripe

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Samurai


so my,

initializer “spree.gateway.payment_methods_china”, :after => “spree.gateway.payment_methods” do |app|

app.config.spree.payment_methods << Spree::Gateway::Alipay


I hope to write my gem more general,

so when spree_gateway exists

I initializer “spree.gateway.payment_methods_china”, :after => “spree.gateway.payment_methods”

when spree_gateway doesn’t exist,

I initializer “spree.gateway.payment_methods_china”, :after => “spree.register.payment_methods”

is it possible for rails engine to some kind conditionally say whether a initializer block exists?

(of course it doesn’t matter in my case, my payment gateway registers before spree_gateway is also ok,

but is it possible to have this flexibility?