Call Web service on other network


In my rails application I am trying to call a web service wich is on other machine and other network. Here is the code:   begin     factory_chgst =" mywebservice/services/Message?wsdl")     ...   rescue     puts e.message   end

An error occurs on the line. The error message is: "no element found". When a type the URL on IE, I can see the wsdl, so the URL is correct (we have a VPN configured to the communication between the 2 machines).

When, with the same code I try to call the same web service but on a machine of the same network, there is no problem:

  begin     factory_chgst ="http://mymachine:8080/ mywebservice/services/Message?wsdl")     ...   rescue     puts e.message   end

Anyone can help me about this problem?