Call a specific method always after all other before action callbacks

Hi everybody!

Is it possible to append a method to the before action callbacks but call it always as the last one before the action is called?

This is probably a bit badly expressed. It’s maybe clearer with an example.

I have the default ApplicationController:

class ApplicationController

before_action :authorize!


And I have an UsersController with a callback:

class UsersController

before_action :set_user


def set_user

@user = User.find(params[:id])


def authorized?

return true if @user == current_user



Now I’ve a small Gem called ActionControl. It makes it possible to authorize a user in a before action callback.

Now the problem is that the authorize callback is at the beginning of the callback queue. But the user is set after the authorization is done. As a consequence I have no access to the @user instance variable in my authorized? method and the authorized? will always be negative.

As workaround for now I add the authorization callback after the specific setter but I think this isn’t really pretty.

I’ve looked into the source code of Rails but haven’t found a way to manipulate the callback queue (or maybe I’ve overlooked something?).

I hope that the question above is a bit more clear :).

Happy Coding