Caching issue? Method not executed every time.


I´m using the Lightning-Fast Javascript Autocompletion recipe from Rails Recipes.

When I add or remove users in the contact list, changes are immediately reflected in the conacts_for_lookup js array. Indicating that both the javascript and method is executed when reloading _send.rhtml But after a while, the js array is empty:   var contacts = new Array(0); Is there a caching issue, causing the method not to be executed every time? If I logout and in again, the array is back.

I´m running in development environment.

views/sms/_send.rhtml     <script src="/contacts/contacts_for_lookup" type="text/ javascript"></script>

contacts_controller.rb:   def contacts_for_lookup     @contacts = Contact.find(:all,                              :conditions => "company = '#{session[:user_number]}'")     headers['content-type'] = 'text/javascript'     render :layout => false   end

contacts_for_lookup.js   var contacts = new Array(<%= @contacts.size %>);

  <% @contacts.each_with_index do |contact, index| %>     contacts[<%= index %>] = "<%= %>";   <% end %>

Any tips or hints are highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Regards, Martin Stabenfeldt