Business partner – Senior Developer wanted

Hello, my lovely Rails community!

My name is Zakhar Day, I’m an independent designer in many ways and a web-developer based in Moscow, Russia. And I want to say a super digital hype is now happening here.

I’ve found this time in Russia very similar to America’s ‘90s dot-com boom and it’s super cool to be a part of a growing digital market. We have a lot of angels, VCs and a lot of startups of course. Also we have a growing interest in teaching coding in Moscow that’s why we found Moscow Coding School.

So, as part of a chain reaction I wanna find a business partner, a Senior Developer guy who will share with me my responsibilities. I’m doing a lot of (sometimes boring) work for money but at the same time I really want to start my own projects.


I started as designer and then I started coding. It was really awesome to find Rails in 2010. I had an opportunity to be a part of Dream Industries and I rewrote the entire Bookmate front-end during my time there. I’m a professor at Moscow Coding School and I work on design theory, I gave a keynote in Yandex a month ago about design thinking.


I’m a huge fan of Apple and mostly of Steve Jobs’s vision. I really love DHH’s audacity and pragmatic Rails conventions. My general principles are honesty, responsibility and freedom of will and choice. Also I really appreciate eternal youth and audacity.

So, my dear Senior Developer, if my words reflect in you to some extent, please give me a sign.

Feel free to reach me by any chanel you want

Do Good And Run Away,

Zakhar Day