Bundler related issues

I keep having issues with Bundler -

  1. I can never get multiple project test suites to run reliably on Jenkins…bundler versions keep getting mismatched and the right version of bundler doesn’t seem to get picked up many times
  2. I couldn’t find any reasonable way to bundle gems along with a project, I especially need this for docker containers that spin up and down, and I know the environment will not change so native extensions should work just fine
  3. There’s no way to change bundler versions except by editing the Gemfile.lock directly, and some versions are buggy, so I never know which version to use.

You might want to explore using bundle package to vendor gems: Bundler: bundle package

How could the docs make that information easier to find?

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I think the version of bundler we use doesn’t support this. But I’m not sure what stable version to upgrade to…the points are tied together…would be good to address them as a unit