Building GUI using Ruby on rails communicate (real time) with Java application running on linux


I have a requirements below.

A stand alone Java application running on Linux machine using mysql databse to store/retrieve data.

I need to build GUI to allow end user to fetch/update records from/to mysql database and at the same time the stand alone Java application should handle the real time requests from GUI to perform business logic.

Question : What would be the best approach recommended here for a java application to handle requests from GUI (ruby on rails app) ? Can websocket be preferred? or any other alternatives?



? Why do you want to separate "business logic" into a standalone
application? Why not just put that in your Rails app and be done?

Hassan Schroeder wrote in post #1144920:

Not without a whole lot more information about this "Java application".
You say it's "standalone" - what does that mean? How do you interact
with it now? Does it have an API? An embedded http server?

Is it embeddable in another app? If so, you might build a Rails app
using JRuby that incorporates this for the business logic.

Impossible to say without lots more background.